Interconnecting VNFs on your laptop

I love you, UDP unicast tunnels

For the past few weeks, I have been working on creating a virtualized environment that would allow me to test different configurations and topologies with Virtualized Network Functions. In this case, virtual routers. One of the challenges when working with this type of workloads in virtualized environments is to emulate... [Read More]
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Install Cumulus Linux via ONIE

on EdgeCore switch, but it doesn't matter

This quickstart tutorial will guide you through the steps to install Cumulus Linux via ONIE. ONIE (Open Network Install Environment) is a small operating system, pre-installed on bare metal network switches, that provides an environment for automated provisioning. Connect to the OOB console In order to connect to the console,... [Read More]
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Developing a TripleO composable service's not that hard!

For the past months I’ve been integrating some services into TripleO. TripleO is an installer that leverages OpenStack services to deploy a whole OpenStack environment. There are loads of blog posts talking about what TripleO is so let’s move on! What it is important to know is that TripleO uses... [Read More]
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Test puppet modules in a Docker

...and don't understand Ruby

Everytime I need to test something that requires installing packages o messing up my laptop’s configuration, I tend to create a development environment. By development environment I mean any tool that isolates somehow the process I want to run and it doesn’t screw my OS. Depending on the requirements, I... [Read More]
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How to use TripleO with fake_pxe driver

...and when to reboot servers

TripleO is one of the various installers for Openstack out there in the community. TripleO receives its name from Openstack Over Openstack, and eventhough the architecture is a little bit complex, the main advantage is that it uses general services from Openstack (identity, images, networking, etc) to provision a production... [Read More]