How to use TripleO with fake_pxe driver

...and when to reboot servers

TripleO is one of the various installers for Openstack out there in the community. TripleO receives its name from Openstack Over Openstack, and eventhough the architecture is a little bit complex, the main advantage is that it uses general services from Openstack (identity, images, networking, etc) to provision a production... [Read More]

How to Build RPMs (with Mock)

...and contribute to RDO

For the past weeks I’ve been going through the process of packaging with the intention of contributing to RDO Community. RDO community is in charge of packaging OpenStack for RPM-based environments such RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), CentOS and Fedora. Pushing a new package into RDO requires some steps that... [Read More]

Fedora in a MacBook Pro

Tweaks & Tricks to make it work

Some months ago I got a MacBook Pro 13.3 for work, and since I’m much more comfortable in a Linux environment, I decided to install Fedora. I really like Apple’s hardware, especially the retina display, but for me, Fedora was the right OS to work with. So let’s see what... [Read More]